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About Us

In 2010.May, Tony Yang, Jason Guan and Peter Hooopened, the three original partners of Forsight Stamping Tooling Co.,Limited, opened a 13-person tool shop in Tangxia 500M².Development till now, we have a standard tool shop total area 10000 m². Our employees increase to 105, output over 50million. We are very professional at the design and manufacture of medium to large sized progressive dies and medium-sized transfer dies and have the advantage in the aspect of delivery time and cost control.Our products mainly include Metal Stamping Tool, Press Tools, Transfer Tool, etc.

  • Car rear suspension form is the frame (or bearing type body) and the bridge (or wheel) between all the power transmission connection device, is one of the important parameters affecting car comfort. A......

  • Since many stamping factories belong to the OEMs, the stamping parts market is very imperfect and sound. However, the market for small stamping parts is very mature in some parts of the south. Judging......

  • Metal stamping is a process that uses punches and molds to deform or break stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other plates and other materials to achieve a certain shape and size.

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