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Car Locks Comp

Car locks Comp is a die that only completes one process in one stroke of the press. It can be divided into punching die, bending die, drawing die, hole turning die and shaping die.

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Product Description

Our enterprise insists all along the quality policy of "product high-quality is base of organization survival; customer gratification will be the staring point and ending of an company; persistent improvement is eternal pursuit of staff" and also the consistent purpose of "reputation very first, purchaser first" for Car Locks Comp for Custom-Made, Hope we can easily generate a more glorious potential along with you by means of our endeavours within the long run. Car Locks Comp, What You Need Is What We Pursue.We are sure our products will bring you first class quality.And now sincerely hope to promote partner friendship with you from all over the world. Let's joint hands to cooperate with mutual benefits!
China Car Locks Comp Manufacturers, Suppliers and Factory with Cheap Price

1. Introduction of Car locks Comp

Car locks Comp, also known as progressive die, skip die, refers to a die in which the press is in several different positions in one stroke to complete multiple processes at the same time.

The blanking parts are gradually formed in the continuous die. Continuous forming is a process intensive process method, which can complete various processes such as trimming, incision, grooving, punching, plastic deformation, blanking, etc. on a single mold.

According to the actual needs of stamping parts, a number of stamping processes are arranged in a certain order for continuous stamping. It can not only complete the punching process, but also the forming process and even the assembly process.

Many complex stamping parts that require multi-process stamping can be completely formed on a pair of molds, which provides favorable conditions for high-speed automatic stamping. It can be seen that the Car locks Comp is a punching die with many stations and high efficiency.

2. Specification of Car locks Comp

Product Name Car locks Comp Product Price Customized
Process Type Stamping Process types Progressive dies
Punch tonnage range 300T~1250T Service life 500 million strokes
product type Non-standard customization Applicable field Automobile industry
Mold material Cr12Mo1v1(D2)、A3、FC300、SDK11、D2、CR12、45#
Product Description A cold stamping die in which multiple stamping processes are performed simultaneously in several different stations on a single die.

3. Application of Car locks Comp

Car floor cross members, Car chasis assembly parts, Car Exhaust System parts, Car handrail hinge , Car Door hinge, Car Seating Components, door Comp、Car lock assembly, Car locks Comp, Car corresponding control arm components qic, Car roof components, Car front rear anti-collision beam, Car side auti-collision beam, Car front rear sub-frames, Car brake dust cover, Car locks Comp Car baggage mounting brackets, Car car cross bean, Car wheel housing interior decoration, Car sunroof assembly, Car front suspension frame, Car rear suspension frame, Car front cross beam, Car chasis Components, Car engine shock absorber sleeve, Car engine heat shields comp, Car Seat Rail, Car Seat side panels、Car Seat up beam, Car Luggage Stack Metal Parts, Car window rail parts, Car air bag housing

4. Feature of Car locks Comp

(1) A pair of Car locks Comp can complete multiple processes such as punching, bending, forming, and deep drawing. The press can punch a workpiece or process part per stroke, so it has a higher labor productivity than a compound mold.

(2) The use of continuous die stamping can reduce the number of equipment, molds and workshop area, and save the transfer and storage of semi-finished products.

(3) Car locks Comp use coil or tape, and the feeding, discharging and lamination can be easily automated. During the stamping process of the automatic continuous die, the human body parts do not have to enter the dangerous area, and the operation is safe.

(4) Each process of Car locks Comp is scattered in each station, and there is no problem of the "minimum wall thickness" of the composite mold, so the mold has higher strength and longer life.

5. The role of Car locks Comp

No matter how complicated the stamping parts are and how many stamping processes are, they can be stamped with a Car locks Comp.

6. Extended information

The material used for Car locks Comp is strip packed sheet material. Thicker material, small production batch, can be cut into strips; When the production batch is large, the coiling material should be selected. Coiling material can be automatically feeding, automatic receiving, automatic stamping can be used by high-speed stamping machine.

The Car locks Comp has strict requirements on the rear side and width of the material. If the width is too large, the bar material cannot enter the guide plate of the die or the passage is not smooth. Too small width will affect the positioning accuracy, but also easy to damage side edge, punch and other parts.

Feeding: Car locks Comp in the process of stamping, press each stroke to complete a (or several) workpiece stamping. The material should be put forward a step in time.

Feeding methods (three kinds):

(1)Manual feeding: generally used for small batch production;

(2) automatic feeder feeding: the material used, is generally rolled bar material;

(3)a self-made feeding device is provided on the mold. Commonly used wedge, small slider drive, in the progressive die application is less.

7. Our Company - Forsight

We are very professional at the design and manufacture of medium to large sized progressive dies and medium-sized transfer dies and have the advantage in the aspect of delivery time and cost control.We support shipping.

Then Car locks Comp passed Quality Control-ISO 9001:2015.

Forsight is one of Car locks Comp manufacuturers and suppliers in China, if you are interested in Car locks Comp, you can contact us!

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