Precision metal stamping application and matters needing attention.


Cars: The automotive industry requires millions of complex parts each year, and these components are designed for everything from electrical systems to car frames. A particularly common application for precision metal stamping parts is terminals and electrical connectors, which are typically two-part socket and flange designs that require extremely high durability. Other common automotive applications include wire forms, brackets, and hangers.

Aerospace: Components manufactured for the aerospace industry must meet stringent standards, as public and employee safety depends on each component being durable, error-free, and built to incredibly precise tolerances. The aerospace industry often uses precision metal stamping to make parts such as brackets, bushings, shields, clamps, etc.

Medical: Medical equipment is essential for diagnosing, treating and preventing disease. Components for these applications must be made of materials that can be easily sterilized and must be free of contaminants or defects. Precision metal stamping is ideal for medical applications, including temperature probes, surgical equipment, prosthetics, and more.

Electronic: Sophisticated, sophisticated components help transmit energy safely to the consumer. Common applications in the electronics industry include receptacles, circuit breakers, and fuse boxes.

Appliances: High quality stamped metal components are essential for the proper long-term operation of complex electrical systems. These include everyday household appliances such as stoves, ovens and dishwashers, as well as items such as irrigation systems and HVAC units.

Renewable energy: The renewable energy industry is growing very fast and requires specialized components to meet demand. Applications for precision metal stamping include solar panel wiring, aluminum frames, and inverter and controller enclosures.

Specialty parts: Because this process is difficult to customize, manufacturers use it for complex or highly specialized projects, such as tiny printer wheels.

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