Correct use and maintenance of metal stamping tools


In addition to reasonable mold structure, ultra-high manufacturing accuracy, good heat treatment effect, and correct selection of punches and stamping parts installation accuracy, metal stamping tools can not ignore the correct use and maintenance of molds.

1. The stamping parts should be strictly inspected before installation and use, and the dirt should be removed, and the guide sleeves and molds of the stamping parts should be carefully checked for good lubrication.

2. Regularly check the turntable of the punch and the mold mounting base to ensure the coaxial accuracy of the upper and lower turntables.

3. According to the installation steps of the die, install the die and the die on the turntable to ensure that the direction of the die and the die are the same, especially the required direction (non-circular and square) stamping parts should be larger. Take care to prevent assembly errors and backlash.

4. When the edge of the punch and die of the stamping part is worn, stop using it and grind it in time. Otherwise, the degree of wear on the edge of the die will rapidly expand, the wear of the die will be accelerated, and the quality of stamping parts and the life of the die will be reduced.
5. The molder should use softer metals (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) to make operating tools when installing the mold, so as not to damage the stretched parts during the installation process.
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