Factors that can affect the process design of automotive stamping parts


In the manufacture of automobile stamping parts, the process must be combined with relevant principles, such as production efficiency, technology, safety, economy, etc. The selection of parts must be completed in accordance with relevant requirements, so that the parts that meet the requirements are combined with good manufacturing processes, so as to show Produce better economic effects and give play to better technological creation effects. In order to organize and implement production scientifically, accurately reflect the various technical requirements determined in the process design during production, and ensure the smooth progress of the production process, stamping parts processing plants should pay attention to the following points in the usual stamping process, which can directly affect Factors to the process design of automotive stamping parts:
1. Reasonable selection of stamping materials: The steel used for cold stamping is mainly steel plates and steel strips, accounting for 72.6% of the steel consumption of the whole vehicle. The relationship between cold stamping materials and the production of automobile stamping parts is very close, and the quality of the materials is not only determined The performance of the product directly affects the process design of automotive stamping parts, and affects the quality, cost, service life and production organization of the product. Therefore, the rational selection of materials is an important and complex task.
2. The surface quality of automotive stamping parts: any defects on the surface of automotive body stamping parts will affect the appearance of the product, so the surface of automotive stamping parts is not allowed to have defects. Automobile stamping parts require clear, smooth, uniform transition and symmetrical ridgelines, and the ridgeline connection between the outer stamping parts of the automobile body must be smooth. Stamping parts not only need to meet the structural and functional requirements, but also must meet the requirements of surface quality.
3. The overall size and shape of auto stamping parts: most of the auto body stamping parts are three-dimensional shapes. It is difficult to accurately make the size and shape in the auto body stamping parts, so the main model is generally used to determine the car body Dimensions of stamping parts. The position, shape and size of the various holes, and the three-dimensional surface shape must be consistent with the main model, and the dimensions that cannot be marked on the auto body stamping parts must be measured by the main model. Because the shape is very complex, it makes it difficult to control the rebound of the material. , Which increases the difficulty of controlling the accuracy of product dimensions.
4. Strength and rigidity of automobile stamping parts: When the automobile body stamping parts are deep-drawn, they usually make certain parts have poor rigidity, causing the product to sink locally. Moreover, automobile body stamping parts with unsatisfactory strength and rigidity will produce a kind of hollow sound when they are subjected to vibration. If such automobile body stamping parts are used to assemble a car, and the car will vibrate when driving at high speed, it will seriously reduce the car body. The life of stamping parts.
5. Processing technology of automobile stamping parts: The structure, shape and size of automobile body stamping parts determine that the process has a certain degree of complexity, and it is impossible to directly process them in one process, and at least three processing processes are required. However, the spatial surface shape of the stamping parts of the automobile body and the bosses, ribs and ridges on the curved surface should be formed by one-time deep drawing as much as possible, otherwise it is difficult to ensure the smooth surface and the consistency of the geometric shape of the stamping parts of the automobile body.

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