The role of anti-collision beam


An overview of the The two ends of the anti-collision beam are connected to the low-speed energy absorption box with low yield strength, and then connected to the car body rail in the form of bolts.  Low speed energy absorption box can effectively absorb collision energy when low speed collision occurs, and minimize the damage of collision force to the longitudinal beam of the car body, so as to play its protective role on the vehicle.  
The structure of anti-collision beam should be able to ensure that the low-speed energy absorption box effectively absorbs the energy of low-speed impact through collapse, and the anti-collision beam is connected to the body by bolts for easy disassembly and replacement. Now many models are equipped with a layer of foam buffer on the anti-collision beam, its main role is still in the collision below 4km/h, play a support to the external plastic bumper, alleviate the impact force, reduce the impact on the plastic bumper damage, reduce the maintenance cost  
The front and rear anti-collision beam is the vehicle for the first time to withstand the impact of the device, in the body of passive safety has an important concept is a point of force force. To put it bluntly, a certain position of the car body was hit, if only let this part to bear the force, then the protection effect will be very poor. If at a point by the force, let the whole skeleton structure to bear the force, you can minimize the strength of a point by the force, especially before and after the anti-collision steel beam here plays a very obvious role.  
These steel or aluminum components are mounted inside the door and are not visible from the outside. Some have a vertical layout, while others have a diagonal layout that extends from the bottom of the door frame to the bottom edge of the window pane. Regardless of its location, the door bumper is designed to act as an additional energy-absorbing protective layer that reduces the amount of external forces that occupants may be exposed to. It turns out that the door bumper is very effective when the vehicle hits a fixed object, such as a tree. 
The role of anti-collision beam is mainly used to reduce the maintenance cost in low and medium speed collision, and can reduce the injury to members to a certain extent.
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