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Car Seat Parts

A car seat parts is a punch that completes one process at a time. It can be divided into punching die, bending die, deep drawing die, car hole die and molding die.

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Product Description

We believe in: Innovation is our soul and spirit. Quality is our life. Customer need is our God for Car Seat Parts, With our rules of " organization track record, partner trust and mutual benefit", welcome all of you to function together , improve jointly. Car Seat Parts, To create more creative goods, maintain high-quality goods and update not only our merchandise but ourselves so as to keep us ahead of the world, and the last but most vital one: to make every client satisfied with everything we provide and to grow stronger together. To be the real winner, starts here!
China Car Seat Parts Manufacturers and Suppliers with the Best Price

1. Introduction of car seat parts

A car seat parts is a punch that completes one process at a time. It can be divided into punching die, bending die, deep drawing die, car hole die and molding die.

The car seat parts makes the mold simple to manufacture and easy to repair.

2. Specification of car seat parts

Product Name Car door hinges Product Price Customized
Process Type Stamping Process types single process mold
Punch tonnage range 300T~1250T Service life 500 million strokes
product type Non-standard customization Applicable field Automobile industry
Mold material Cr12Mo1v1(D2)、A3、FC300、SDK11、D2、CR12、45#
Product Description In one stroke, only one stamping process die is completed.

3. Application of car seat parts

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4. Feature of car seat parts

The first assembly body; A second assembly body which is movably connected with the first assembly body by a buckle assembly; Wherein, the buckle assembly comprises a buckle slot and an elastic card on the second assembly body, and is arranged on the first assembly body for inserting a buckle between the buckle slot and the elastic card, the buckle corresponds to the buckle slot, and the elastic card is stuck on the back of the buckle.

5. Our Company - Forsight

We are very professional at the design and manufacture of medium to large sized progressive dies and medium-sized transfer dies and have the advantage in the aspect of delivery time and cost control.We support shipping.

Then car seat parts passed Quality Control-ISO 9001:2015.

Forsight is one of car seat parts manufacuturers and suppliers in China, if you are interested in car seat parts, you can contact us!

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