Auto Column Bracket

Auto Column Bracket

DONGGUAN FORSIGHT STAMPING TOOLING CO.,LIMITED is a large-scale auto column bracket manufacturer and supplier in China. More than 11 years of experience in developing the tools for the car seat assembly parts will save your a lot of trouble to control the tolerance of assembly.We had been challenging the highest strength steel to DP1180.Our customers are mainly located in North America, Africa and Eastern Europe. We can provide high quality products at competitive prices. Our designers are very experienced in mold standards in North America and Europe.We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

1. Introduction of auto column bracket

The die for producing FST® auto column bracket made in China  is a progressive die, which includes piercing&trimming, forming&flanging,forming,flanging,restriking, separating and other processes. The die has long service life and obvious advantages over other die factories in price. Its products have the characteristics of strong stability, high precision, smooth surface and no burr.

2. Specification of auto column bracket

Product Name Car column bracket Product Price Customized
Process Type Stamping Process types single process mold
Punch tonnage range 300T~1250T Service life 500 million strokes
product type Non-standard customization Applicable field Automobile industry
Mold material Cr12Mo1v1(D2)、A3、FC300、SDK11、D2、CR12、45#
Product Description In one stroke, only one stamping process die is completed.

3. Application of Car column bracket

FST® auto column bracket, Car chasis assembly parts, Car Exhaust System parts, Car handrail hinge , Car Door hinge, Car Seating Components, door Comp,The lock assembly, Car door interior reinforcement, Car corresponding control arm components qic, Car roof components, Car front rear anti-collision beam, Car side auti-collision beam, Car brake dust cover, Car baggage mounting brackets, Car car cross bean, Car wheel housing interior decoration, Car chasis Components, Car Seat Rail, Car Seat side panels、Car Seat up beam, Car Luggage Stack Metal Parts, Car window rail parts, Car air bag housing.

4. Feature of Car column bracket

1. The die for producing this product is a progressive die with 14 stations. The length, width and height of the die are 2240*830*812.8mm.The total weight of the die is 5048kg and press tonnage is 600T.

2. The material of the product is ST-S-CR980T700Y-DP-HD60G60G-U.The thickness is 1.8mm.The material utilization rate is 72%.

3.The die has long service life and low cost.

4.We promise to let you get the best quality die at the least cost.

5. Our Company - Forsight

We are very professional at the design and manufacture of medium to large sized progressive dies and medium-sized transfer dies and have the advantage in the aspect of delivery time and cost control.We support shipping.

Then FST® Car column bracket passed Quality Control-ISO 9001:2015.

Forsight is one of Car column bracket manufacuturers and suppliers in China, if you are interested in Car column bracket, you can contact us!

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